Great Storms of the Jersey Shore

This book is about living on the edge. A dramatic narrative and pictorial history of major mid-Atlantic coastal storms, it weaves together survival stories, news reports and government archives with hundreds of photographs, plus a preview of what the next “big one” might be like, and what might be left.

Starting with Columbus -- the first European to experience hurricanes -- and continuing on through the northeasters, southwesters, sweeping floods, intemperate blizzards and surprising tornadoes that have pummeled and shaped the coast, the voices of those who have known firsthand their power draw us into a time and place where survival is uncertain.

From the preface: “To be at the Jersey shore during the hurricane of 1944 or the northeaster of 1962 was to be witness to forces that boggle the mind, bend the imagination and beggar description., the kind that had our ancestors huddled in the backs of caves and continue to instill in us an awe approaching reverence. Only a few people get to experience the great storms and they tend to remember every detail of every moment. And while most hope they never have to go through one again, only a few wish they’d missed it in the first place.”

More than 80,000 copies sold, now in its ninth printing.



All contents copyright by Larry Savadove